Posted by KrAzy Che3To on May 28, 2010

A World of Keflings includes in-game Avatar props and pets

A World of Keflings includes in-game Avatar props and pets

Ninjabee has announced that A World of Keflings will expand on the Avatar functionality of its predecessor, A Kingdom for Keflings. Specifically, the title will allow players to bring their Avatar props and pets inside the game world. Players will be able to summon their props and pets whenever they want, although the press release notes that the items won’t have any extra functionality in the game. When summoned, the pets and items will simply go through the same animations seen on the Xbox 360 dashboard. That’s unfortunate, as we really would have loved to smack some Keflings around with a giant cotton swab.

Art director Brent Fox also offered some new details regarding the new “story-driven” focus of A World of Keflings.

He noted that players will meet several new characters, including a “Kefling pirate, a witch, a princess and an inventor, just to name a few”. Players will also “travel between exotic Kefling lands, assemble a robot and build an airship” — all of which, according to Fox, is “barely scratching the surface.”

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