About I, the ../webmaster/webdesign/owner-SEO-wordpress obsessed whatever you want to call it…

I have been a web designer for over 10 years now and I currently run/maintain the following websites/blogs:

  • The Hype Factor
  • Oh! It’s Blog (You’re here, Thanks for visiting!)
  • Achievement Addict
  • NICK Rewind (Closed temporarily, Nickelodeon lawsuit pending??)
  • Lyricsmart
  • Eurobeat Evolution
  • Parapara Online
  • They have all been created using the wonderful WordPress for an amazing two years now and they’re all examples of my work – and what I can do.

    I’ll briefly explain what I am going to cover with this blog, and why I think this is just not “another blog.” Besides me already covering numerous topics from all the consoles to PC gaming, to the latest gadgets – if not more I cover web design and general web savvy stuff that you might find interesting. Including Facebook, imeem, Last.fm, or any other of your favorite websites.

    I can’t say this enough but, Thanks for visiting Oh! It’s Blog! It means a lot that you’ve read this far and that you’re interested in learning a little bit about my website and I.

    Oh! It’s Blog (aka Oh! Sh!t Blog) is a blog that I wanted to create in June 2008 to share my experiences over the years using various programs to generate revenue for my websites. As well as expressing my love of Xbox, Gaming and Computers in general. In other words, I post everything that I find relevent and interesting to my needs and what I’m interested in. This is a very broad selection as I like to stay up to date on lots of things. I keep you updated, you keep updated by revisiting everyday! – it’s as easy as that.


    I would say I have a lot of experience and I would simply like to share my Oh Sh!t moments, ones that you and I might find geeky, topic specific and or just fan obsessed. Still not sure what this is all about, Check out the homepage now!