Posted by KrAzy Che3To on October 31, 2009

Dog buys 5000 MS Points (no, really)

Dog buys 5000 MS Points (no, really)

Dog Buys 5000 MS Points (no really)

While most Xbox owners are patently aware of the dangers of late night, impulse Microsoft Point purchases, we imagine no one ever worried about their dog doing the same thing. And yet Greg Strope of Richmond, Virginia tells Fox News that his dog, Oscar, purchased 5000 Microsoft Points, adding up to a total of $62.50. Strope says he received an email while he was sleeping and discovered it was a purchase confirmation from Microsoft. When he went to check his Xbox 360, he found that his controller had been chewed by his dog, and he presumed the animal had not only managed to turn on the console, but subsequently purchased the points.

Strope noted that Microsoft has a no refund policy and he wishes the company make it more difficult to purchase points. Our suggestion to Strope: Don’t leave your controllers (or your Xbox, for that matter) within reach of the dog. Also, don’t drink and play Rock Band. See Strope’s interview after the break.

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