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First Screens Of Left 4 Dead 2’s “The Passing,” New Infected, New Weapons

First Screens Of Left 4 Dead 2’s “The Passing,” New Infected, New Weapons

Valve released new details on the first downloadable add-on for Left 4 Dead 2 today at Microsoft’s X10 event, explaining how “The Passing” will handle the meet up with the original Left 4 Dead survivors. Now, let’s have some media.

These ten new screens of the new episode, coming to the PC and Xbox 360 in “late March,” show off the new “Savannah-esque” coastal town setting and the new Fallen Survivor infected. He’s the unlucky undead wearing the bucket hat, bandolier and Molotov cocktail in some of these shots. (The Fallen Survivor has almost the same AI as the Screamer (previously cut infected), When it spots you it will run away and then disappear.)

You’ll also get a peek at what appears to be a new machine gun and the new Black Tie common zombie.

[Via Joystiq]

The Passing is an upcoming DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 which includes a new campaign and “a new co-operative challenge mode of play.” The new gamemode is called either “Hot” or “Feature Hot” no other information about it is available as of now. It introduces the new firearm the M60, the Golf Club and also the new Uncommon Infected called the Fallen Survivor. The Passing will take place between Dead Center and Dark Carnival, in a rural town in Georgia.

It will also feature a meet-up between the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors and the original Survivors, however, the original Survivors will not be playable. They will definitely appear in the campaign’s third chapter (and possibly others) helping Coach, Nick, Rochelle, and Ellis. The campaign will be playable in all the game modes, including the soon-to-be released one. Valve hasn’t announced pricing details yet, but the release date is slated for late March for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions.

  • The Fallen Survivor is the new uncommon common infected.
  • M60 machine gun
  • The Golf Club.

Other new info:

  • This is a night campaign, looking at the poster and the videos. It may or may not be the second campaign set at night completely.
  • From one of the screenshots below, it appears that one of the building is “Jule’s Fresh Crawfish”. This may be a restaurant chain, just like Burger Tank, since it also appeared in The Parish.
  • In a gameplay video, you can see the Midnight Riders tour bus speeding across a street. This may mean the midnight riders are, like the survivors, trying to escape, or the people in the bus may be the Left 4 Dead survivors.
  • This is the only campaign poster that doesn’t currently have a tagline.
  • In the poster the silhouette of the Left 4 Dead Survivors is on the right.
  • The silhouette is the survivors on the Death Toll poster reversed.
  • The Fallen Survivor has almost the same AI as the Screamer, When it spots you it will run away and then disappear.
  • An upcoming DLC for the original Left 4 Dead will tell how the original Survivors came into The Passing.
  • The Passing will have a Gauntlet Cresendo Event that Involves running through a sewer.

[Via Left 4 Dead Wikia]

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    Thanks KrAzy nice blog man i’ve been waiting for more info on the passing i just wish L4D 1 survivors could have been playable pretty sure its gonna kick ass anyway

  2. gena real says:

    thats kool i can’t wait till i get it it gonna b cool. and in the original game they should have put the screamer that would of been kool and they should at least make 2 new uncommon infected to play as

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