Posted by KrAzy Che3To on March 7, 2010

‘Guardian of Light’ a co-op Tomb Raider action game

‘Guardian of Light’ a co-op Tomb Raider action game

Boy, when Crystal Dynamics said it would be creating “something completely new and very different”for Lara Croft, it wasn’t kidding around. GameSpot has posted a first look at Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and we don’t know where to begin. It’s downloadable, it’s isometric-view and it’s arcade-y action with just a hint of the old platforming ways. There’s a heavy co-op element, too (both local and online), with Lara and her companion, Totec (a “Mayan tribesman” wielding a spear) fighting off evil spirits and the undead, as well as combining their various skills to traverse through jungles and temples.

Actually, it looks … good. While the pace seems likely to be a little faster than the standard tomb raiding Lara does, this might be just the thing to spice up the still-aging franchise. We’ll check the game out for you at GDC next week, and let you know if this left-turn in genre is the right one for Lara to take.

[Via Joystiq]

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