Posted by KrAzy Che3To on April 2, 2009

How to Spot a Money Scam Website

How to Spot a Money Scam Website

What is a scam website? Easy, it’s a website that either tells you they can get you to believe that you’ll “GET” something by using a company’s name to their benefit. By benefitting themselves and you being “scammed” in the outcome. Basically, you not getting what they tell you that you’re going to get.

Check out this screenshot from an Adbrite ad, which leads to an (obvious) scam website.


At first look it might look interesting. Talking about this boring persons life, all the money he’s gotten through this so called “Google”. Scrolling down..


Oh? What’s that? Hey, that looks like some positive comments.. Look! They even include some promising pictures of the people whom (probably didn’t) used Google to also get their paycheck. But, how to get those $5,000 is still out of your reach because you just don’t know HOW to achieve that. But it seems too good to be true? Oh yeah, let’s note that none of the Commenters have a URL posted.. hmm shady? How about those broken commenter images/avatars are all broken links to physical images on the scam website.

Let’s say you sign up for this information. Let’s leave some feedback..


Oh wait, I can’t because the Comments are Disabled because of spam. I manage 5 or 6 websites that get 30 spam comments a day.. I can easily manage that and not resort in blocking my comments. Something must be up.. let’s click this link that says “Click Here To Get Your Free Kit”

It first brings me to: which, (when you visit it directly brings you to

When it brings you to incentaclick it then redirects you to:


I don’t know what more you need to read than: “Fill Out the Form to See if you qualify, instantly!” to understand it’s probably a place that sells your email and address. This is where I stopped the chain of links it brought me through, which I’m sure this one is connected to another 25 websites that will NOT help you get that 5,000 you want through Google, while they’re off getting rich. Need you see that under the “FREE” it states there is a 1.95 s&h fee. Hmm, wonder how many more “fees” there are for these people to continue to buy Google and Adbrite ads under countless urls. This will not end anytime soon, so be warned.

What you learned

  • It’s still not that easy to get paid “$150-156 USD A Day to work from home”
  • Nor is it easy to get $5,000 a month.
  • These sort of websites come in all shapes, sizes and people – don’t be fooled!
  • Use Google Adsense by registering at and get money YOURSELF
  • Don’t get yourself caught in a scam like the one I showed you above


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