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iPhone App Review: Riddim Ribbon by Tapulous

iPhone App Review: Riddim Ribbon by Tapulous

Do you have the DJ skills to ride the rhythm? Refreshing, inovative and the next big thing in the games of music genres. What Rock Band and Guitar Hero did for the consoles Riddim Ribbon is going to do for the Touchscreen / Acelerometer genre of gaming. It takes the genre of DJ Hero and mixes it with the playstyle of tilting your device we all know so well (love it or hate it!) It’s going to be big, and it’s already on your iPhone! This morning I had downloaded the next big thing from Tapulous (who is most well known for rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge) that had broke the Top 10 early this morning and I had to see why. I checked it out, it features a few tracks from the Black Eyed Peas: Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling & Meet Me Halfway, Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Pay to Play), Tiesto: Louder Than Boom & Escape Me (Both Pay to Play).

So, for 2.99 is it worth it? Most definitely. Ever track is full length mix of the originals we know and love mixed with your choice of TWO tracks. It’s your decision do you want the DJ William Remix or the remix. All in the midst of jumping, hopping, staying in line and basically rolling your ball to the rhythm of some nice Dance tracks.

It’s definitely on the level of DDR, Rock Band, DJ Hero or any other game that you might have been “done with” or possibly can’t have much fun with on your phone. Do any of the iPhone releases of major titles ring any bells? Well this is new, and it’s perfect for your iPhone.

Download Riddim Ribbon today.

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    Hey bro come play this game zSilencer with me!

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