Posted by KrAzy Che3To on April 29, 2009

Peggle (finally!) coming to iPhone on May 12

Peggle (finally!) coming to iPhone on May 12


Although we’ve been sworn to secrecy about its finer points (shhh, PopCap nailed it), we (joystiq) can excitedly confirm that Peggle for iPhone / iPod Touch will be released onto the App Store on Tuesday, May 12. PopCap is still considering an appropriate price, but we can assume Peggle is not going to be tossed in the 99-cent free-for-all pile and will probably fit into a more “premium” price range between $5-6. Though, if any game’s worth the ceiling price of $10, Peggle is (just, you know, don’t actually price it that high, PopCap, cool?).

Rest assured, the “delay” — heightened by our agonizing jonesing for a Peggle fix ever since the App Store launched — has been used to design a quality experience. This is no half-baked port. Peggle has long been likened to “crack,” but let’s be more accurate: It’s one of those highly-addictive pharmaceutical concoctions, created by professionals in tidy laboratories and tailored through extensive QA trials. Can you tell? We’re hooked.

Watch out for our review of Peggle for iPhone / iPod Touch in the coming weeks.

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