Posted by KrAzy Che3To on April 2, 2009

Really, it’s true… zombies are invading PopCap!

Really, it’s true… zombies are invading PopCap!


Zombies have invaded PopCap Games, and they’ve even made a music video! It’s all because a new PopCap game, Plants vs. Zombies, arrives on May 5th.

The game is scheduled to be released May 5th 2009. It’s a Tower Defense type strategy game with a card collecting element. I’m personally a big fan of anything + Zombies. Saints Row 2 + Zombies, Left 4 Dead + Zombies.. Plants vs Zombies.. meh maybe not so much, but + Tower Defense – you’ve got me sold!


It’s all because our new game, Plants vs. Zombies, is coming soon. And these fun-loving zombies even made a music video to celebrate the game!

Amid all this chaos and confusion, we can’t predict what’s gonna happen next — but we’ll need your help to stem this zombie attack, so visit today and have some fun.

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