Posted by KrAzy Che3To on August 27, 2009

Xbox 360 Elite pricedrop: HDMI Cables Not Included

Xbox 360 Elite pricedrop: HDMI Cables Not Included


The $100 USD price drop to the Xbox 360 Elite is surely welcome, however new buyer may be disappointed to discover a lack of HDMI cables.

Microsoft has officially dropped the price on the Xbox 360 Elite to $299.99 (USD), but in order to do so it looks like a cut had to be made to the overall package.

In an interview with Chris Lewis Microsoft’s VP of Interactive Entertainment Business of Europe had this to say, “We wanted to get the Elite pricing to a figure that is acceptable for consumers so they have the option of a premium console gaming experience. Removing the HMDI cable gives the flexibility to consumers who can then decide which type of cable they want for their specific gaming and TV screen set-up.”

Sure, it is a great move in order to cut down the price so that everyone can have an Elite, but does the price of HDMI cables necessarily mean flexibility or is it just a nice word for economically streamlining the overall package by ripping something consumers may have wanted out? Still, how many of you own HD televisions and how do you feel about this?

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  1. Ricky says:

    the pricedrop is definately a strategic move for Microsoft.

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